The Warrior Within

Who is it in me that has a body, but is more than that? Who is it in me that has a past but is more than that? Who is it in me that can hear and observe every thought I think? The Buddhists call this the observer self. It’s the Self with the capital S, the part of us that’s infinite in nature. It is remarkable to think about just how powerful we are. No matter what happens in our lives, we can withstand. There is a warrior within all of us.

I love watching shows like America’s Got Talent or World of Dance, because I find myself uplifted and inspired by nearly every act on the stage, living their dreams. Many have overcome obstacles to get to that place. Recently, on America’s Got Talent Champions, I watched a performance by a young woman named Kechi, a Nigerian-American singer. Her skin is visibly burned, her face nearly unrecognizable from what she had looked like before a devastating event. Kechi was in a plane crash in 2005 and is one of only two survivors. The crash took 107 lives, 60 of whom were Kechi’s classmates and friends. She suffered burns to sixty five percent of her body and spent seven months in the hospital recovering. Kechi found the warrior within. Not a horrific crash, terrible pain, losing her classmates or a hundred surgeries could extinguish her inner light. It’s tempting to think that there is something special in her, that she somehow has a strength most of us don’t possess, but there is a warrior within each of us. It is the part of us that keeps going no matter what happens to us. Kechi is a demonstration of the power, but all of us have access to it.

The power breathing her kept breathing her that day, and that power is breathing us. Whatever name you give to that power, God, Universe, the higher Self, love; it is ever present in you. Building a relationship with that power will enhance your life in so many ways. You will feel more grateful; your relationships will become more meaningful and the sun will shine a bit brighter. You have withstood every circumstance, situation and condition so far in your life, and if you take the time to notice, you are better for it. You are more than all those things. You have a warrior within ready to carry you through your darkest hours and greatest joys. Take note of just how strong you are.

A practical way to get in touch with the warrior within is to wake up each morning with a grateful heart. I begin each day reminding myself that there is something wonderful going on with me because the power breathing me woke me up this morning. As I lay in bed, I count ten things that I am deeply and profoundly grateful for. This practice connects me with my inner warrior. I invite you to try this daily practice for three days and notice how it changes your outlook, then leave a comment below and share your success. Much love to you and your warrior within.  


Lauren Brollier