Triangle of Transformation

How many people do you know that have actually drastically changed their lives? I can think of less than a handful. It has been said that some people live for 90 years, others live the same year 90 times. I think the latter is more common. Trans means “to move beyond” and form means “shape” or “form”. What current form of your life would you like to move beyond?

I have spent about a decade studying personal growth and success principles. This study began when I opened a small side business  to supplement my teaching income. I listened to motivational videos, podcasts and read countless books and yet, my life results looked pretty much the same. I had the same amount of debt, the same amount of love, the same amount of income, the same amount of happiness. Don’t get me wrong, the personal development study deepened my knowledge, expanded my understanding of how people interact and caused me to feel more inspired, but it didn’t change my results. I discovered that I was missing all the elements necessary for transformation.

There are three key elements that must be present to truly experience transformation: a vision, a mentor and a structure of support. Without any of these key elements, your chance at transformation is slim. Here’s how the triangle of transformation works, whether you want more love in your life, weight loss, a new job or increased income. 

A Vision

They say that no wind is favorable to the sailor who doesn’t know what direction she’s going in. What would a life transformed look like to you? If we want transformation, we must have a clear picture about what the new form would be like. Write out a vision for your life in your health, career, finances, and relationships. Touch that vision every day. When I was doing all of that studying without any results, I didn’t have a vision for my life. I had a vague idea about what I wanted, for example, no debt, more money and happiness. That’s quite general. When I discovered that our subconscious mind works in pictures, I created a detailed, five-sensorized version of the life I wanted. Today, I have created most of the things in my original vision because I got specific. As my mentor says,”if you get specific with the Universe, the Universe will get specific with you.”

A Mentor

There are people who already have the result you want and they (*gasp*) know more than you do. I know, I know. It’s very difficult to admit we don’t know everything. In fact, this was one of my greatest limiting beliefs back then. I believed I had to know everything and if I asked for help or support, I was weak. What that mindset does is put us on a hamster wheel of creating the same thing over and over again. Surround yourself with people who have the result you want and know how to get you there. When I first invested in working with a mentor, I was scared. I invested 5 figures in my own personal development. As a school teacher, that was half my salary! I thought I might be crazy, but I’m so glad I trusted my intuition. Where that investment has taken me not only has tripled my income, but created happiness and joy in my life I would have never believed possible two years ago. I would have paid a million dollars to have the kind of movement I’ve experienced through my work with a mentor. It’s tempting to think that, because we’ve read something in a book, we know it. But as Jack Boland said, “You don’t know it unless all of your results show it.”

A Structure of Support

Energy loves structure. As energy beings, it’s crucial we create a structure for our vision. Absent structure, energy disperses in all different directions. A structure can be a calendar, a coaching program, or anything to help keep your energy focused. My clients find that the structure of having weekly coaching keeps them on track. When they try to go it alone, they quickly lose momentum. That is because each of us have “well-worn pathways” in our brain as Thoreau said, and we get quickly pulled back to our ingrained patterns. Structured, spaced time repetition can help you solidify your vision to form a new pathway that sticks. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners fail because absent a boss or a schedule, they flounder. This is because of the absence of structure. Kirsten Welles, a founding member of the Institute of Coaching at Harvard, described it well when she compared our energy to a water pipeline. If you run water through a pipeline, it produces fast movement and a lot of momentum, because the energy has a structure through which to flow. If you begin poking holes in that pipeline, the water loses speed because there are too many disbursement points. Where is your energy leaking? Where in your life can you create structure for momentum?

The triangle of transformation is key to up-leveling and stepping into greater results in your life. With these three key ingredients, you can move mountains. I went from knowing a lot about something on an intellectual level to knowing something on a results level. That is transformation. If you would love to create a vision, have a mentor that knows how results occur and would love to create structure in your life, then click here to find out about my next workshop. 

Many blessings,

Lauren Brollier