My Beef with Divine Timing

I saw a meme on Instagram the other day that said, “Trust in divine timing. Everything happens when it’s meant to happen.” I see multiple versions of this, multiple times a day on social media. Here are a few more examples:

“All will unfold in divine timing.”

“Everything you need will come at the perfect time”

“Life is easier when you surrender to divine timing.”

Before I go on with my beef, I do want to say that I understand the wonderful intentions behind these messages. They are intended to help people quit grasping their desires so tightly with only their human energy. There is an infinite side to all of us that is so much more powerful than our human body alone. When we are grasping at our goals and dreams and try to get them to come to us our way, we aren’t successful. The idea that God, Infinite Intelligence, Universe, is looking out for us is a feeling I connect to daily and deeply believe in. That said, these quotes and images take quite a bit of our power away!

Here’s my beef: these types of sentiments imply that somehow we can just sit around and wait and all of our wishes and desires will come true in “divine timing.” If that were true, every single person on the planet earth what have what they wish rolling toward them at different times in our lives. Would God (or whatever word lands for you to describe the infinite side of our nature) really allow some people to have what they desire and others to suffer? 

The laws that govern our universe are precise and consistent. Think of gravity. We didn’t have a name for it a thousand years ago, but it has been a part of our earth from its formation. Notice that the law of gravity works the same for everyone. It does not discriminate. You will notice that good people, crooks, manipulative people and everything in between are able to get out of bed and not float off into space. The Infinite doesn’t say, “You will float, you will walk.” The law works for everyone. 

Now let’s talk about universal law as it applies to this notion of divine timing. Our nature is divine. We have been given a creative capacity that we underestimate: our thoughts. Everything in our human life was first created with our thoughts. The clothes you are wearing were thought of and created. When you think an embarrassing or intimate thought, your cheeks turn pink. When any business is created, it’s first thought of in someone’s mind. We have been divinely gifted with the free choice and free will to create whatever we want. In the book, Working with the Law, Raymond Holliwell points out, 

 “Scientists tell us that thought is compared with the speed of light. They tell us our thoughts travel at the rate of 186,000 miles per second. Our thought travels 930,000 times faster than the sound of our voice. No other force or power in the universe yet known is as great or as quick. It is a proven fact, scientifically, that the mind is a battery of force, the greatest of any known element.”

And yet, timing is a human construct. We have created this thing called time and we move it as we please. For example, here in California, we delete an hour once a year for Daylight Savings Time. How is that possible?! It’s not because time actually exists, but because in our human body, we look for meaning and structure. This is a good thing! However, it’s not as if the Infinite is saying, “I am going to wait until March 5, 2021 to give Lauren what she desires.” What the universe is really saying, “I gifted Lauren with free choice and free will. Whatever she focuses on will expand.” Or, as it’s explained in Proverbs 23:7, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.”

The universe responds to, and amplifies, the dominant pattern of your thoughts. Not one of us can think thoughts of poverty all day and then experience abundance. We live on the frequency our thoughts are on. So if something happens that seems like “Divine Timing,” it’s because you thought of it, it became a dominant pattern and the universe reflected that frequency back to you. That is the divine and amazing part about it. When you live on a frequency that matches the experience you want, you will have it. It’s not that the universe just provides some people with their desires and others not. The Infinite gifted us with free choice to create whatever we want, and looks to the only thing Infinite can look at to provide us what we desire: our thoughts and our actions. 

The timing, then, is not about the divine, but about us. How can we take this divine gift of thought and create what we desire? Here are some tips to begin to use the power your were given to create a life you love:

  1. Create a vision for something you would love to create in your life in detail

Let’s say you would like to get a better paying job. Create a vision for what that job is and write it as if it’s already happened. For example, “I’m so happy and grateful now that I have a new job that pays me 25% more than my previous job. I am helping other people to update their resumes and find jobs they love while managing a team. My official title is Senior Career Counselor.”

      2.   Get interested in the vision

   Notice when your thoughts aren’t a match to that vision. Get interested in the vision,  Ideas in harmony with it, what steps you can take today to get your closer to that vision.

      3.   Take action 

    Timing is created by our own thoughts and actions. When we get in harmony with a desire, the universe goes to work showing us everything on that frequency. When an idea “pops into our mind” we want to take action in order to set things in motion. 

Divine timing is created by our will to work with the Infinite that breathes us. The more tuned in you are to your dreams, the quicker things happen. Nothing happens TO you, it happens through and with you. What meme about divine timing would I not have beef with?

“Set your intention, focus on it and breathe love into it, know what you would love and let go of the how. The infinite knows exactly how to bring it about, our job is to listen.”

With Love,

Lauren Brollier