Be Drawn

Have you ever sat down to draw up a list of what you thought were “goals,” only to realize that what you really had was a list of things you felt you SHOULD be doing – not the things that give you life?

I love the call to action in this quote by the poet Rumi. “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.”

Letting ourselves “be silently drawn” involves getting quiet and tuning in to the Voice deep inside. When I was a little girl, I would watch ministers on tv. I didn’t care at all about the religion, but I loved that the message made me feel so good and kept people looking forward. I would think, “I want to do that,” but because I didn’t want to be a minister, I didn’t allow myself to explore other options.

Years later when I was in education, anytime a keynote speaker would come to the district, I would again think, “I want to do that.” Anytime the Superintendent would give his all-district addresses, I would think, “I want to do that,” but I did not allow myself to be silently drawn to what I really love. I let being “realistic” and doubting myself stop me from believing I could ever be a professional speaker for a living.

It’s so easy get caught up in the opinions of our partner, our family, the media, and our friends and colleagues that we start to lose touch with what’s truly in our heart. It’s also easy to get caught up in the voices of our own doubt, which put limits on our gifts and abilities.

But when we ask ourselves the question, “What would I LOVE?” something wonderful begins to happen...we begin to discover our purpose. I asked myself that question, and of course the answer was be  a speaker,  help and inspire others.

Often with that discovery comes “the strange pull” – our inner compass that leads us to make decisions that are not always “rational.” It requires listening to our intuition and a willingness to experiment with trusting our heart when we don’t always have the answers or know where the resources, connections or the money will come from. It didn’t make sense, I didn’t have a guarantee, but I took a leap of faith and became certified as a coach, and resigned from my school district job.

You may not even know specifically what you want to do, but you feel the pull of something more. One way to begin to ease the fear of “the strange pull” is to expand the question to, “What would I love to do that utilizes both my skills and interests – and that could add significant value to others?” Take a moment now to ask yourself this very question. Journal some of the ideas that come to your mind.

When you follow your bliss in this manner, focusing on IMPACT instead of INCOME, the resources, connections and money will start to naturally follow. I’ve watched this process happens dozens of times in my own life and with my clients. When you live this way, you always create results you’re in love with. Not maybe, absolutely!

That voice of Love can never lead you astray!

Believing in you,


Go Confidently

What do you long for in your life? Does it often seem like it’s completely out of reach?

 Then consider this statement: “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life that he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” – Henry David Thoreau

 It’s likely you’ve heard this famous quote before, but have you stopped to think about what Thoreau was really trying to tell us?

Thoreau wrote those words after 2 years, 2 months and 2 days of a grand experiment he fostered. The question he pondered during that time was, “What does it mean to feel alive?” We’ve all experienced it here and there, that true sense of happiness, joy and fulfillment. He wanted to discover what it meant to live like that more frequently.

In his quote, notice he doesn’t say, “Give it a try and hope it works out.” He says “advance confidently.” The truth is that we are only limited by our ability and willingness to believe in a possibility for our life. When we are on the frequency of “try,” we are not on the wavelength or definite and definitive possibility. And the first most vital step in developing a greater believing in the possibility is to ask, “If I believed it were possible, what step could I take?”

When we take action, we exert a certainty that sends a signal to the Universe as well as our own sub-conscious minds that says, we are, in fact, serious about pursuing our dream – and our dream begins to take shape. The secret is to just “endeavor” and to take that next step with confidence.

We don’t even have to do it perfectly. Inch by inch and step by step as we do what we can with what we have, we will cross an invisible boundary. Opportunities will start to line up, the people we need just seem to “show up,” and things that look like “miracles” to others will start to happen. What once existed as just a possibility moves into our reality.

So today, let’s start “endeavoring.” Let’s ask ourselves, “What small step could I take right now, in the next five minutes, that would move me toward a possibility I would love?” Then go confidently and take it! Live the life that others dare only to imagine!

Believing in you,

Lauren Brollier

Triangle of Transformation

How many people do you know that have actually drastically changed their lives? I can think of less than a handful. It has been said that some people live for 90 years, others live the same year 90 times. I think the latter is more common. Trans means “to move beyond” and form means “shape” or “form”. What current form of your life would you like to move beyond?

I have spent about a decade studying personal growth and success principles. This study began when I opened a small side business  to supplement my teaching income. I listened to motivational videos, podcasts and read countless books and yet, my life results looked pretty much the same. I had the same amount of debt, the same amount of love, the same amount of income, the same amount of happiness. Don’t get me wrong, the personal development study deepened my knowledge, expanded my understanding of how people interact and caused me to feel more inspired, but it didn’t change my results. I discovered that I was missing all the elements necessary for transformation.

There are three key elements that must be present to truly experience transformation: a vision, a mentor and a structure of support. Without any of these key elements, your chance at transformation is slim. Here’s how the triangle of transformation works, whether you want more love in your life, weight loss, a new job or increased income. 

A Vision

They say that no wind is favorable to the sailor who doesn’t know what direction she’s going in. What would a life transformed look like to you? If we want transformation, we must have a clear picture about what the new form would be like. Write out a vision for your life in your health, career, finances, and relationships. Touch that vision every day. When I was doing all of that studying without any results, I didn’t have a vision for my life. I had a vague idea about what I wanted, for example, no debt, more money and happiness. That’s quite general. When I discovered that our subconscious mind works in pictures, I created a detailed, five-sensorized version of the life I wanted. Today, I have created most of the things in my original vision because I got specific. As my mentor says,”if you get specific with the Universe, the Universe will get specific with you.”

A Mentor

There are people who already have the result you want and they (*gasp*) know more than you do. I know, I know. It’s very difficult to admit we don’t know everything. In fact, this was one of my greatest limiting beliefs back then. I believed I had to know everything and if I asked for help or support, I was weak. What that mindset does is put us on a hamster wheel of creating the same thing over and over again. Surround yourself with people who have the result you want and know how to get you there. When I first invested in working with a mentor, I was scared. I invested 5 figures in my own personal development. As a school teacher, that was half my salary! I thought I might be crazy, but I’m so glad I trusted my intuition. Where that investment has taken me not only has tripled my income, but created happiness and joy in my life I would have never believed possible two years ago. I would have paid a million dollars to have the kind of movement I’ve experienced through my work with a mentor. It’s tempting to think that, because we’ve read something in a book, we know it. But as Jack Boland said, “You don’t know it unless all of your results show it.”

A Structure of Support

Energy loves structure. As energy beings, it’s crucial we create a structure for our vision. Absent structure, energy disperses in all different directions. A structure can be a calendar, a coaching program, or anything to help keep your energy focused. My clients find that the structure of having weekly coaching keeps them on track. When they try to go it alone, they quickly lose momentum. That is because each of us have “well-worn pathways” in our brain as Thoreau said, and we get quickly pulled back to our ingrained patterns. Structured, spaced time repetition can help you solidify your vision to form a new pathway that sticks. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners fail because absent a boss or a schedule, they flounder. This is because of the absence of structure. Kirsten Welles, a founding member of the Institute of Coaching at Harvard, described it well when she compared our energy to a water pipeline. If you run water through a pipeline, it produces fast movement and a lot of momentum, because the energy has a structure through which to flow. If you begin poking holes in that pipeline, the water loses speed because there are too many disbursement points. Where is your energy leaking? Where in your life can you create structure for momentum?

The triangle of transformation is key to up-leveling and stepping into greater results in your life. With these three key ingredients, you can move mountains. I went from knowing a lot about something on an intellectual level to knowing something on a results level. That is transformation. If you would love to create a vision, have a mentor that knows how results occur and would love to create structure in your life, then click here to find out about my next workshop. 

Many blessings,

Lauren Brollier

My Beef with Divine Timing

I saw a meme on Instagram the other day that said, “Trust in divine timing. Everything happens when it’s meant to happen.” I see multiple versions of this, multiple times a day on social media. Here are a few more examples:

“All will unfold in divine timing.”

“Everything you need will come at the perfect time”

“Life is easier when you surrender to divine timing.”

Before I go on with my beef, I do want to say that I understand the wonderful intentions behind these messages. They are intended to help people quit grasping their desires so tightly with only their human energy. There is an infinite side to all of us that is so much more powerful than our human body alone. When we are grasping at our goals and dreams and try to get them to come to us our way, we aren’t successful. The idea that God, Infinite Intelligence, Universe, is looking out for us is a feeling I connect to daily and deeply believe in. That said, these quotes and images take quite a bit of our power away!

Here’s my beef: these types of sentiments imply that somehow we can just sit around and wait and all of our wishes and desires will come true in “divine timing.” If that were true, every single person on the planet earth what have what they wish rolling toward them at different times in our lives. Would God (or whatever word lands for you to describe the infinite side of our nature) really allow some people to have what they desire and others to suffer? 

The laws that govern our universe are precise and consistent. Think of gravity. We didn’t have a name for it a thousand years ago, but it has been a part of our earth from its formation. Notice that the law of gravity works the same for everyone. It does not discriminate. You will notice that good people, crooks, manipulative people and everything in between are able to get out of bed and not float off into space. The Infinite doesn’t say, “You will float, you will walk.” The law works for everyone. 

Now let’s talk about universal law as it applies to this notion of divine timing. Our nature is divine. We have been given a creative capacity that we underestimate: our thoughts. Everything in our human life was first created with our thoughts. The clothes you are wearing were thought of and created. When you think an embarrassing or intimate thought, your cheeks turn pink. When any business is created, it’s first thought of in someone’s mind. We have been divinely gifted with the free choice and free will to create whatever we want. In the book, Working with the Law, Raymond Holliwell points out, 

 “Scientists tell us that thought is compared with the speed of light. They tell us our thoughts travel at the rate of 186,000 miles per second. Our thought travels 930,000 times faster than the sound of our voice. No other force or power in the universe yet known is as great or as quick. It is a proven fact, scientifically, that the mind is a battery of force, the greatest of any known element.”

And yet, timing is a human construct. We have created this thing called time and we move it as we please. For example, here in California, we delete an hour once a year for Daylight Savings Time. How is that possible?! It’s not because time actually exists, but because in our human body, we look for meaning and structure. This is a good thing! However, it’s not as if the Infinite is saying, “I am going to wait until March 5, 2021 to give Lauren what she desires.” What the universe is really saying, “I gifted Lauren with free choice and free will. Whatever she focuses on will expand.” Or, as it’s explained in Proverbs 23:7, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.”

The universe responds to, and amplifies, the dominant pattern of your thoughts. Not one of us can think thoughts of poverty all day and then experience abundance. We live on the frequency our thoughts are on. So if something happens that seems like “Divine Timing,” it’s because you thought of it, it became a dominant pattern and the universe reflected that frequency back to you. That is the divine and amazing part about it. When you live on a frequency that matches the experience you want, you will have it. It’s not that the universe just provides some people with their desires and others not. The Infinite gifted us with free choice to create whatever we want, and looks to the only thing Infinite can look at to provide us what we desire: our thoughts and our actions. 

The timing, then, is not about the divine, but about us. How can we take this divine gift of thought and create what we desire? Here are some tips to begin to use the power your were given to create a life you love:

  1. Create a vision for something you would love to create in your life in detail

Let’s say you would like to get a better paying job. Create a vision for what that job is and write it as if it’s already happened. For example, “I’m so happy and grateful now that I have a new job that pays me 25% more than my previous job. I am helping other people to update their resumes and find jobs they love while managing a team. My official title is Senior Career Counselor.”

      2.   Get interested in the vision

   Notice when your thoughts aren’t a match to that vision. Get interested in the vision,  Ideas in harmony with it, what steps you can take today to get your closer to that vision.

      3.   Take action 

    Timing is created by our own thoughts and actions. When we get in harmony with a desire, the universe goes to work showing us everything on that frequency. When an idea “pops into our mind” we want to take action in order to set things in motion. 

Divine timing is created by our will to work with the Infinite that breathes us. The more tuned in you are to your dreams, the quicker things happen. Nothing happens TO you, it happens through and with you. What meme about divine timing would I not have beef with?

“Set your intention, focus on it and breathe love into it, know what you would love and let go of the how. The infinite knows exactly how to bring it about, our job is to listen.”

With Love,

Lauren Brollier

Compassion Comes from Knowing the Whole Story

A Guest Blog by Dr. Evelyn Moseley, DC

There has been a movement towards body positivity and acceptance in our culture. It is becoming more and more mainstream. There is more public outcry against photoshopped models presenting the beauty standards of our society, more acceptance of natural beauty and diversity, more focus on being healthy and fit rather than just skinny. This is fantastic. We should be accepting of the differences in our bodies that make us unique and beautiful, however loving our body is so much more than just being accepting of our appearance.

Just like it helps to understand where a person is coming from, when we want to have compassion for them,  it helps us to have compassion for our bodies when we understand what is motivating and driving it and what it is going through. With this perspective  it becomes much easier for us to forgive our bodies and cut them some slack.

The human body is an AMAZING thing. It is the vessel that we, as infinite consciousness, get to interact in the material world and with others. Our body is the mode in which we have our human experiences. We are our body but we are so much more.

Think of your body. It was grown from two cells, one from each of your parents. From the moment of conception, your body knew what to do. The cells began to divide, began to line up and fold over in an orchestrated dance to form layers. Those layers became tissues, those tissues became organs, those organs became organ systems, and those organ systems together formed you, a baby, with a personality. A human being.

This is amazing and powerful. What is that power that coordinated your body to grow from two stranger cells into one, whole, being?  In chiropractic, we call that power Innate Intelligence. The mission of Innate Intelligence is to maintain the material of the body of a living thing in active organization. We are born with this power.  An automatic force that breathes us, as Lauren would say.

Our Innate Intelligence is like a loving mother. It cares for us day and night, no questions asked expecting almost nothing in return. When it yells at us, or puts us in time out, it is because it loves us and is doing it for our own benefit. It is teaching us how to behave so that we will be healthy, successful and happy.  And yes, our mother does have needs. She needs proper movement and nutrients. The more cared for the mother is, the better she can care for us. When we eat crap, deny ourselves the sleep we need, think negative thoughts or stay sedentary, it’s like we are being picky eaters towards our mothers, having a temper tantrum, or running towards a hot stove with our hands outstretched. Our mother may have to yell at us to get us to stop doing things that harm us, but this is not her failing us, this is her protecting and helping us.

Just as in adolescence many of us go through phases of distrusting our parents, wanting freedom from them and maybe even disliking them, the same goes with our relationship to our body. We see our body as betraying us, holding us back or being disobedient. We begin to only focus on the parts that we dislike, that bother us or constrain us, and we forget to have gratitude for all that our Innate Intelligence is doing for us.

By the time we are  adults, we generally pay no attention to our Innate mind.  Since it is doing everything for us without us needing to be conscious of it, we tend to let it dutifully serve us without ever even seeking to pay attention. Many people never stop to wonder, what is controlling my heart beat at this very moment? Unless of course something goes “wrong.”

Most people only start to pay attention to the innate, automatic happenings, when they are no longer automatically happening perfectly, and this causes the person some sort of discomfort, which finally makes them pay attention. We don’t think about our lungs until we can’t catch a breath, we don’t think about our digestion until we get stopped up,  we don’t think about our back until it is aching.

Here is the thing that you must grasp, by the time you are experiencing the pain of something, your Innate has been trying to maintain your body in active organization, in other words, keep you alive, without your awareness already, and has only called your attention to the problem because it needs you to become aware so that you change your behavior.

I hear patients all the time apologizing for their bodies, talking crap about them, saying that their bodies are failing them. But that’s not fair. If you are going to say mean things about your body when it is hurting or not working right, that means you have to also say kind things about the parts of your body that don’t hurt and are working right.

What if when we felt a pain or symptom, rather than being in the phase of “Oh no, why me” and feeling victimized by our body, we were in a phase of introspection? What if we thought “what did I do to make the job of my Innate Intelligence so difficult and what does it need from me right now?” And to take it even further, what if when we had a backache instead of wallowing in the pain we started to list all of the functions that were working well for us and expressing gratitude for that?

If you are alive right now, your body is doing much more right, than it is doing wrong. Your body is continually sustaining you in existence. It is your greatest ally and it WANTS you to be in a state of health.

The reason that chiropractors are successful with helping people function better, get out of pain, and prevent dis-ease is because chiropractic adjustments recconnect people with their Innate Intelligence, allowing it to function at a greater capacity. We can tap into our innate, listen to her before she starts to scream and actually help her, help us by loving our bodies enough to take care of her.

This is what true self love and compassion look like. It goes beyond just accepting our appearance. When we see our bodies and the power they contain as an inner magic, a loving mother always with us, serving us night and day, it can motivate us to help her do her job. Take care of her, she loves you! #loveyourselfback

Dr. Evelyn Moseley, is a Doctor of Chiropractic in El Granada, CA. Her particular focus is on helping patients reduce the effects of stress and tension on their physical health. Through gentle and specific chiropractic care, Dr. Evelyn helps facilitate the mind-body connection allowing healing from the inside out.  Dr. Evelyn's goal is to help you break up old body patterns and create new, more effective patterns that will serve you more effectively and accurately. Her belief is that the functionality and adaptability of our physical body is the foundation in which we can create changes in our lives. Dr. Evelyn is a student of Lauren Brollier and sees their teachings as interconnected. 

If you would like to learn more you can contact her at, on Instagram or Facebook @Dr.EvD.C. or at Newbold Chiropractic (650) 726-3300. 

What Does Wellness Really Mean?

Is it about going to yoga classes, deep breathing, pilates, smoothies or nature? Is it about how you feel in your own skin? Is it about the number on the scale or the results of your blood tests? There are so many articles about health and wellness that it’s easy to start “shoulding” ourselves. I should do this, I should do that, I should do this. In essence, we actually cause ourselves to feel more dis-ease as we think about wellness, which in turn has the exact opposite effect.

Wellness actually stems from being in alignment with your higher self, the freer, more expansive version of you. It is the part of you that knows you have a body, but you are more than that, that you have a personality, but you’re more than that. True well-being stems from a deep connection to who you are. Notice that the phrase is well-being, not well-doing. Doing more things doesn’t necessarily equate to greater wellness, unless what you are doing feels really good to you. Here are 3 steps you can take to cultivate a deeper sense of wellness.

Stop “shoulding”

Everytime you hear yourself saying, “I should” it is a pretty clear signal that you are trying to force yourself to do something that isn’t in alignment with you. I should go to that party. I should start drinking green smoothies. Notice the shoulds and how they actually form contraction and a feeling of uneasiness in your body

Ask yourself, “What would I love?”

If you’re at a point in your life where you want to become physically healthier, ask yourself this question. When I think about foods that would nourish me, what would I love? When I think about exercise, what do I love? When you begin with what you love and feels good to you, you are in a state of well-being. Doing more of what you love in all of the different aspects of your life will lead to wellness.

Notice your energy during daily to-dos

I know what you’re thinking. “Lauren, I can’t just do what I love. I have dishes in the sink, kids to feed, and responsibilities!” At the level of fact, this is true. And, a greater truth is you have an amazing power you were gifted with at birth: you are a creator. You create every moment in your life by how you approach it. When you do dishes, do you love to do them in  the morning or night? Would you rather have a dishwasher? Would it be more enjoyable if you listened to music while doing them? You get to create the tone of your “to-do” list. Listen to the voice inside of you that knows what feels good.

When you stop shoulding, you start living. You can live a life you absolutely love, and it starts with you. Wellness is a state of being that you can connect to in any moment.

With Love,

Lauren Brollier



Creating a Quantum Leap

A little over a year ago, I was working for a school district, in the middle of a divorce, trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life. Today, I am a highly successful life coach, own a thriving business, have love and joy in my life and my dreams are on fire! I say none of this to impress you, but to impress upon you that a quantum leap is not only possible, it’s probable if you work with the laws that govern success. We hear these underlying laws in all the religions across the world, in autobiographies of successful people, in books like Think and Grow Rich where successful people were deeply studied, but we didn’t learn these things as children. When we did, we weren’t told how to apply them in daily life. How did I go from the middle of an upsetting divorce, not knowing what to do next, to being invited to speak on stage with one of the top names in spirituality and personal growth as one of her most successful mentees? It was a rigorous, yet simple process. There are three keys to a quantum leap: vision, thought patterns and support.

Make a Decision for a Vision

It’s crucial that you know where you’re going and decide that you’re getting there. It sounds simple, but if I asked you where you would love be in 5 years, would you know where that is? More importantly, would you have the unwavering faith that you will get there? I had a very clear vision of the things I wanted to create in my life. I envisioned myself as a highly successful coach helping dozens of women to life a life they love. I visioned for the amount of income I would generate and how many people I would help. I also visioned for love in my life, a thoughtful, caring, good-looking, fun man to build dreams with me. But past the vision of it, I had the faith that it would all work out, that everything I dreamed for was lining up for me. That the universe was conspiring to help me with all of it. If you are going to make a quantum leap, you have to know your destination.

Change your Dominant Thought Patterns

Once you have a vision, it’s crucial to notice the thoughts that are not in harmony with that vision. Your dream life already exists. Everything you need to make it come true is already a part of this wondrous universe we live in, it’s just not in your awareness yet. Your awareness can shift with every thought you have. I had a vision of becoming a highly successful coach. If you have a vision for being successful, but your dominant thought pattern is about all the things that could go wrong, you are living on a frequency far away from your dreams and visions. Once you get on the frequency of, “I am successful, I am changing lives, everything's coming together in this very moment,” you will have access to ideas that will help you serve that vision. You can achieve a quantum leap only through making a quantum leap in the thoughts you hold.

Invest in a Mentor

When you are inside the frame, it is hard to see the picture. The most successful people seek out others who know the ways to create results. LeBron James invests millions of dollars annually in his own athletic and personal development. Oprah has transformational coaches to help her achieve her dreams. Going it alone is a recipe for disaster as we can’t see our own blocks, and, without assistance, will continue to think from the same mind that created our current results. When hiring a coach, you want to look for three things. Do they know how to create results? Do they create results in their own life? Do they have a track record of success with clients? Having someone guide you through the process will grow you leaps and bounds as opposed to going it alone.

If you dedicate yourself to having a vision, changing your thoughts and investing in a structure of support, you will absolutely experience a quantum leap, just like I did. Life is about feeling alive, seeing how far you can go, understanding your own greatness. As Jim Rohn said, “You’ve got to stay here ‘til you go!” Why not make it an amazing, beautiful, green-growing life while you’re living it.

If you have dreams of changing careers, growing your business, falling in love again or reaching your 2019 goals, and would love a structure of support, fill out the contact me form and I’ll help you get started.

You, too, can live a life you absolutely love!


Lauren Brollier

The Warrior Within

Who is it in me that has a body, but is more than that? Who is it in me that has a past but is more than that? Who is it in me that can hear and observe every thought I think? The Buddhists call this the observer self. It’s the Self with the capital S, the part of us that’s infinite in nature. It is remarkable to think about just how powerful we are. No matter what happens in our lives, we can withstand. There is a warrior within all of us.

I love watching shows like America’s Got Talent or World of Dance, because I find myself uplifted and inspired by nearly every act on the stage, living their dreams. Many have overcome obstacles to get to that place. Recently, on America’s Got Talent Champions, I watched a performance by a young woman named Kechi, a Nigerian-American singer. Her skin is visibly burned, her face nearly unrecognizable from what she had looked like before a devastating event. Kechi was in a plane crash in 2005 and is one of only two survivors. The crash took 107 lives, 60 of whom were Kechi’s classmates and friends. She suffered burns to sixty five percent of her body and spent seven months in the hospital recovering. Kechi found the warrior within. Not a horrific crash, terrible pain, losing her classmates or a hundred surgeries could extinguish her inner light. It’s tempting to think that there is something special in her, that she somehow has a strength most of us don’t possess, but there is a warrior within each of us. It is the part of us that keeps going no matter what happens to us. Kechi is a demonstration of the power, but all of us have access to it.

The power breathing her kept breathing her that day, and that power is breathing us. Whatever name you give to that power, God, Universe, the higher Self, love; it is ever present in you. Building a relationship with that power will enhance your life in so many ways. You will feel more grateful; your relationships will become more meaningful and the sun will shine a bit brighter. You have withstood every circumstance, situation and condition so far in your life, and if you take the time to notice, you are better for it. You are more than all those things. You have a warrior within ready to carry you through your darkest hours and greatest joys. Take note of just how strong you are.

A practical way to get in touch with the warrior within is to wake up each morning with a grateful heart. I begin each day reminding myself that there is something wonderful going on with me because the power breathing me woke me up this morning. As I lay in bed, I count ten things that I am deeply and profoundly grateful for. This practice connects me with my inner warrior. I invite you to try this daily practice for three days and notice how it changes your outlook, then leave a comment below and share your success. Much love to you and your warrior within.  


Lauren Brollier

I Said Yes and I Don't Regret It

It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles, about 75 degrees despite it being the middle of January. Sitting outside of Jersey Mike’s sandwich shop near the airport, I reflected with my close friend and partner in crime about just how far this year had taken me. In January of 2018, I was in the middle of a huge transition in my life, a divorce that occurred after a little over a year of marriage. I had just moved out of my home, and lost my two beloved dogs in the process. While I loved my job, I couldn’t help but notice there was so much more inside of me wanting to emerge. I was absolutely sick and tired of stress, commuting, waking up at 5:30 and the fact that, as a teacher, no matter how hard you work, you can’t make more money. It was at that point that I decided to take a huge risk, and started a completely different career as I started my new, single life.

As we sat in the sun, reflecting on the year, my friend said, “You know why you’ve been successful?” She said, “You just kept saying yes.” That got me thinking. What she said was simply stated, and so true. When I first visioned for a new business, a new relationship, a healthier lifestyle, more financial freedom, I had no idea HOW I was going to do it. I focused on the WHAT. I set my eyes on what I would love and had the faith it would happen. But, I also took action every step of the way. When opportunities came my way, I said, “Yes.”

It’s really that simple, although not necessarily easy. Think about it. What are you saying no to and what are you saying yes to? When I had the opportunity to become a speaker and coach, it scared me. I knew it was for me and that’s why I was so frightened. When you’re about to do something you know is going to change your life, the part of you that likes comfort kicks in and you will feel afraid. I was about to invest 5-figures into a business I had no experience in.  In your life, opportunities come your way frequently. No one has more or less opportunity. We all live in a body, with a brain, in a universe of unlimited possibilities. Do you say yes when they come your way? I said yes. I bravely invested in my new venture. When my friend said, “Why don’t you put your first workshop date on the calendar and send people save the dates?” I said yes, even though I wasn’t trained or certified yet. 16 people showed up for that first workshop!

Then I did something others perceived as crazy. I turned in my letter of resignation before I even had one client. I said yes to my new business. I said, “This is going to be a success.” I knew that if my energy was only half invested, I would fail, so I said yes to success. Not long into my new business, I had the opportunity to join a local networking group. It was going to cost a little over $1,000 to join. I was nervous, but I said yes. That investment has returned to me ten fold.

In my personal life, I said yes to dating again. The voice in my head said, “You will fail. You aren’t good at this. You don’t pick well.” And trust me, it wasn’t just the voice in my head that said that. People close to me said, “Isn’t it a little soon? Don’t get hurt again.” But I said yes. Not every date went well! Sometimes it was funny, other times just awkward, but past failure is not indicative of future outcomes. Henry Ford owned several failed businesses before he started Ford Motor Company at age 53. I am not comparing my dating life to a world-changing automobile tycoon by any means, but I will say that I am sure happy I kept saying yes, because now I am discovering what it feels like to fall in love again. Are you letting your past hold you back from love?

Examine what it is you long for and ask yourself if there is a way you can say yes. Notice opportunities and how fast you convince yourself they are not for you. Saying yes to my dreams is the cause of my success. You can be extremely successful in your life, but it’s going to take different patterns and behaviors than the ones that created your past results. Even if you love your results, the next level requires a shift. Say yes to opportunities, but more importantly, say yes to your dreams. You never know how long you have here on earth. I know when I reach the end of my life, I am never going to regret the yeses, but of one thing I am certain, I would regret the nos.

With Love and Blessings,

Lauren Brollier

4 Words That Kill Your Dreams and Hinder Success

It is pretty common for people to use phrases that are widely accepted in our society such as, “I am such a klutz,” or “can’t have your cake and eat it, too.” We think nothing of those expressions, and yet patterns of thought get energized overtime and live in our subconscious. It got me thinking, what are some common words we use that actually kill our dreams and hinder our success? Furthermore, how can we tell if a word or phrase is going to cause us to be unsuccessful? A quick way to test a word or phrase is to notice how you feel when you use them. Do you feel expansive and more alive, or do you feel contracted and negative? From this simple test and through my experience both in life and with clients, phrases that include one of these four words usually prevent us from seeing our vision for a life we would love come true.

Should- The word “should” is usually used when we “should” do something, but we aren’t really excited about it. I used to tell myself, “I should go for a jog today,” or “I should reach out to this person.” If you really think about it, this produces very contracted feelings! Living passionately and feeling alive isn’t in harmony with “should.” Here’s what to say instead. If you hear yourself saying, “I should do the laundry,” flip it to, “I know that I have some laundry to do. When would I love to do that?” Or, “Exercise is good for me. Which exercise would I love to do today?” This is a much more expansive way of living!

Guilty- I have heard many family members, friends and clients say they feel “guilty” about things for which they have done no wrongdoing. An example, “I feel guilty that I make such a good living, and my brother is just struggling to make ends meet.” This is a very contractive and not accurate use of the word. Guilty implies intent to harm. Guilty means we have done something wrong. If you are living a good life, you have done nothing wrong and are not trying to harm another. What a more accurate description of the emotion is that most people think of as “guilt” is actually sadness or compassion or a lack of control. What the person is really feeling here, is that they would love for their brother to live a more abundant life. A rising tide lifts all boats! If we are living the life we love, there is no wrongdoing, and therefore, guilt is not an appropriate term.

Want- This one is subtle. It has to do with our subconscious. The subconscious emotionalizes thoughts the conscious mind gives to it. If we are constantly thinking about what we want, the subconscious mind emotionalizes wanting, wishing, and that has a feeling of lack to it. If we tell the subconscious an image of the life we would love living instead, there is no sense of lack, and it actually believes the image is already happening in our lives. So, if you want a deeper, more thriving relationship for example, focus on the image of what that would look like, whether it be a big hug, laying in bed on a Sunday morning and chatting with a partner, or sharing a glass of wine by the fire holding hands. Your subconscious will emotionalize that image, rather than the feeling of want. When an image you love is energized in the subconscious it helps your conscious mind to take actions in harmony with expansion and not lack.

Try- “I will try.” Ah! The killer of dreams and success. There is no such thing! We are either doing something, or not doing it. You may fail, yes. You may succeed, yes. But you cannot succeed with as weak of an attempt as, “I’ll try.” Instead, begin saying, “I am doing this!” The energy is so much more powerful and expansive. Try actually implies the expectation of failure; it’s a defense mechanism. Do you want to expect failure, or do you want to expect success? Your vision and dreams are actually a sacred soul path between you and the Infinite. If you are truly in love with your dreams and would love to see them realized, make a decision for that life.

Notice over the next week how many times you use the words should, guilt, want and try. Replace them with more expansive words. See how it affects your mood and your results! Leave a comment below with questions or to share your experience.

With Love and Blessings,

Lauren Brollier